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About Jeffrey Threlfo

I have been in Practise for 45 yrs. I am married. I have 4 grown children and have 7 wonderful grandkids. As a young man I always wanted to be in healing - I like being a part of the plan to get people well again. Working in the medical and health industry is very rewarding.

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Rhys It has been my experience that many parents report improvements in their children's...

Osteopathic Activator Technique

Crohns Disease

Crohn's disease is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which involves ongoing...

TBM Technique

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep expert and President of the American Sleep Research Institute Lynn Larson explains...

Quit Smoking

Smoking throughout the day is akin to living inside a burning building. Smoking degrades...

Neuro-emotional Technique

Lower Back Pains

The most common causes are from joint restriction or muscle sprain/strain...

Cranio-Sacral Technique

Neck Pains

Neck pain often result from abnormalities in the soft tissues - the muscles, ligaments,...

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Sacro-Occipital Technique

Dr Threlfo