What causes bedwetting?

This can be a real problem for some children. They often feel ashamed of the bedwetting as they get older. It can restrict them from going out with their friends to sleepovers, and also means a lot of work for parents. More often than not the child cannot help it, and frequently it is a back problem.

From the lower back region nerves feed forward to the organs in front i.e., bladder and bowel. Because children are very active they can often jar their backs with jumping and playing. This is often how it all begins.

The Research studies on bedwetting?

Below are some case histories taken from have researched Journals

Bedwetting :

2 case studies

Case #0091 This was a study of a 5 year old female who had been wetting her bed for 6 months. The Doctors had prescribed her antibiotics and diagnosed a bladder infection. After the first two chiropractic treatments she stopped wetting for three weeks. Soon after that she had a bad fall and began bedwetting again. After another treatment she remained dry again.

Case #0419 This was nine year old male who was wetting the bed nightly. During the first six months of Chiropractic treatments he was dry for two or three days a week. Eventually with continued care he was dry for half to two thirds of nights. RB Marko Chiropractic Paediatrics Vol1 No1 April 1994

Dear Abby San Francisco Chronicle March5th 1992

This was not a research study, this was a columnist as an on-the-street record.

Dear Abby :

"I took my fifteen year old twin sons (both bed wetters) to a chiropractor, and with in a month, both boys were completely cured. Regular medical doctors could not help them"

Dear True believer

'I believe you. I have seen several hundred letters bearing the same message concerning chiropractors.'

Chiropractic can help.

From the studies above you can see that some children respond quickly, while others are slower to respond. Rarely do we see no improvement!

Chiropractic is a drugless option that should always be considered. Contact our office and see if we can be of help.

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