Lower Back Pains

Lower Back Pains

What causes Lower Back Pains?

The most common causes are from joint restriction or muscle sprain/strain. When a vertebra or joint 'jambs' on itself, this is what is called a subluxation this creates most backaches. At any one given time four out of ten people have back pains.

Another four have recently have suffered them. The other two people rarely suffer them. These people usually say its all imaginary. Back pains worry almost every body. They are the most common health issue that we deal with.

And sore back can make life miserable. Do something good for yourself......nobody will give you a medal for putting up with the pain !. Millions of patients have found Chiropractic treatments effective. It is an effective treatment protocol....

How the back works?

Your spine comprises 24 bone blocks called vertebrae, stacked on top of each other. They rest on the wide basin of the pelvis and hips, with the head on top. Between each vertebra are tough but spongy cushions called discs, these act as shock absorbers and give the spine its flexibility. Running down inside the vertebrae is the vital spinal cord. If the vertebra's 'jamb' against each other, this WILL put pressure on these spinal nerves as the leave the spine (giving us the back pain) this same pressure will also reduce spinal nerve impulses that travels to our body organs, i.e., heart, stomach, kidneys, immune system etc. So a bad back can effect our general health. This is why proper back care is so important.

How to reduce your risk?

Some of the commonest causes of stress and strain on the spine are:

1. Slouching in Chairs
2. Driving in Hunched Positions
3. Standing Badly
4. Lifting Incorrectly
5. Sleeping on Sagging Mattresses
6. Being Unfit, Being Inactive.

From Research Files

Cost effectiveness of Chiropractic

Many governments have done assessment of chiropractic effectiveness from public funding. One of the most thorough analyses of the scientific literature on chiropractic treatment of low back pain was conducted in 1993 by health economists at the University of Ottawa. This was known as the Magna Report (1) The report concluded that considerable saving would be made to the State Health budget with the inclusion of chiropractic care for Lower Back Pains. It established that Chiropractic was more efficient than alternative methods and suggested that Lower back Pains conditions should be transferred from Physicians to Chiropractors.

In the United States another four year study was published in the American Medical Association journal.(2) In these findings is was established that patients in 'benefit plans' that used Chiropractic treatments returned to work faster, had lower costs and less scans and less intervention, then 'benefit plans' without chiropractic coverage.

Similarly, a United Kingdom study published in the British Medical Journal(3) concluded that adding spinal manipulation to current "best care" in general practice was effective and cost-effective for patients with low back pain.

Inactivity and the wrong movements are usually the cause of 'simple back pain'. Inactivity results in poor muscle tone, and the muscles go slack, becoming unable to support the back properly. The back is more vulnerable to damage with sudden bursts of activity. This results in sharp stabbing pains or pulling pains, that restrict us.

Strains or tears to the muscles, tendons or ligaments around the spine are the result. Even a minor problem can cause a lot of pain when you stand, bend or move. Pain can come on suddenly, other times gradually, some times it is a nuisance only other times it becomes debilitating.

Referred backaches are also common. Every women knows that with the monthly cycle she will experience lower back pains.

Why? Because nerve impulses travel from organs (ovaries/uterus) up through the spinal cord to the brain and back again, and after 4-5 days of this traffic the spinal nerves become irritated, thus the back ache. This constant nerve traffic is why asthma patients also suffer backaches in the lung region of the spine. These referred pains can be common with back pains. They are often a signal to chiropractors that internal organs could need attention. For a better understanding of this go to the following link and see how the spine affects your health. Just click common back conditions explained

Chiropractic can help

For a 100 year's patients have found Chiropractic very effective. Today it is still helping those in pain, as mentioned previously....do something good for yourself... if you are in pain call our office and get some help.

Common back conditions explained source www.spinehealth.com

DISCLAIMER This information is provided for Educational Purposes Only and has NOT been designed to diagnose, treat or cure any health conditions. Please consult a qualified Health Care Professional to diagnose your health conditions and avoid self-diagnosis.

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