Neuroemotional Technique

The effects of STRESS upon our bodies

This technique has proved very successful and is useful with that bothersome reoccurring health problem that seems to only improve for a short period - even when treated. This reocurring problem is often caused by stress. Stresses can create havoc affecting our health in many ways, often chronic ongoing health issues will develop from stress alone. -ie indigestion, asthma, colitis to name a few.

Stress comes from situations we are out of control of.

Some examples.

  • bad relationships -bad marriage - inlaws - workplace
  • chronic health issues - that become exhausting
  • incest, loss of a loved ones, anger, resentment, low self esteem, the list can go on forever.

Suppressed negative and harmful emotions, will increase our stress levels and eventually we will suffer ongoing (chronic) illness. This method has proved very effective for those hard to treat problems.

An interesting web site for this technique

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