What is Sinusitis?

General Information

The sinuses drain through tiny openings called ostia. With inflammation, these small openings become swollen and blocked with mucous, and become an ideal site for trapped bacteria to multiply and cause an infection. This results is pressure and pain in the face region, and reoccurring headaches, that can go on for weeks.

How can Chiropractors help?

The Chiropractic Approach

From the spinal cord comes nerves that feed the neck region (see picture). These nerves are called the 'Central Nervous System' they run and regulate everything. When a vertebra rotate or 'jamb' this is what is called a subluxation and the effect is restricted nerve supply. Chiropractic treatments free up these subluxations or dislocations helping to restore nerve supply again.

The same spinal nerves also feed the organs of the head, these include the sinus areas, eyes, ears etc (see picture) Chiropractic treatments help this nerve traffic (impulses) that flow out of the spinal cord to these organs. It provides excellent relief to painful sinus's: and with gentle stretches to the facial sinus bones, relief is quick, clearing the passages from congestion and also reducing the headaches. Improvement is often seen within 2-3 visits.

Types of Sinusitis

Acute Sinusitis

Acute sinusitis is a sinus infection that usually lasts for no more than 3 weeks. It is usually triggered by a preceding flu or head cold. The original infection (e.g. flu or cold virus) attacks the lining of your sinuses causing them to swell and become narrow and close from the inflammation. Often they block up totally, causing a build-up of mucus and bacteria grow and flourish. Your body responds to this virus by producing more mucus and this then aggravates the problem even further.

Chronic Sinusitis

For Australians under the age of 45, chronic sinusitis is one of the most common chronic illnesses. Chronic sinusitis is a sinus infection that lasts for more than 3 weeks and can continue for months or even years. It is commonly caused by allergies or bacterial infections. The overuse of antibiotics and cortisone sprays have lead to more infectious forms of bacteria forming as well as new fungal infections of the sinus cavities.

Recurrent Sinusitis

This type of sinusitis occurs when one has several separate attacks during the year. The attacks are usually caused by an allergic reaction to varying weather conditions, animal hair, dust mites, mould, pollen etc

Chiropractic can help.

We get excellent results with this problem, if you suffer with sinus call and talk to us. If it is a painful, it is time to end your suffering, taking away your pain, in a safe and natural way. Chiropractic is very effective for this problem. We also will suggest natural remedies to reduce the mucous congestion (not Histamines).

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