Subluxations are the most common cause of back aches, often ongoing over months or years, with occasional bad bouts. If they are left unattended they usually develop into Osteoarthritis, with bones and disc degeneration occurring.

So the question is how long has your back been aching? Does it seem to be ongoing?

How does a subluxation effect our health

From the brain one nerve can transmit 1000+ impulses per second down its pathway. So the traffic up and down the spinal cord at any given moment is staggering. Millions of impulses travelling all over the body. The spinal cord is accurately called the CNS the Central Nervous System. Then, to add to this, within the spinal cord (CNS) is grey matter - grey matter is nerve tissue that can think!! - it can make important decisions at any segment of the cord and advise the brain AFTER an event. This is the brilliance of this Central Nervous System. How important is it to keep each segment of the spine working well, good health depends upon it.

The impulses travelling down the cord exit through many gateways. There is one between each vertebra. These are called the IVF (Intervertebral Foramina) below are x-ray's showing where they exit. This is where it becomes interesting.

This is a Lower Back X-ray.

It shows

i). a good disc

ii). one with wear and tear, and degeneration.

Below two of the vertebra have been enlarged to show separate exit points or IVF's and their effect's upon our health.

The left x-ray shows a vertebral joint. Two bones, and the disc between both, (the disc is a padding it is the space between the big bones ), and behind this a dark area. This dark area in the right x-ray is enlarged, this is the IVF or 'gateway' where nerves travel in & out of the cord Here the disc has collapsed, and the IVF -gateway- has almost closed. Consider how difficult it is for nerve traffic to travel through this exit (a small dark region) getting the information to and from the brain. If this was the sciatic nerve, pins and needles and pain would usually be experienced.

ii) Wear & tear - degeneration

When discs collapse, like the picture above, the vertebra jamb together, nerves becomes compressed at their exits, the above is a good example of one type of subluxation.

Note: any displacement of a vertebral joint -large or small- has a compression effect upon spinal nerves as they enter or exit the vertebral column.

Some research done on subluxations.

Dr. Seth Sharpless a researcher at the University of Colorado demonstrated that as little as the weight of a 50 cent piece on a nerveā€¦ has the potential to decrease that nerve impulse by as much as 60%.(1)

Try to imagine how unhealthy your body would be with its organs, tissues or glands functioning at only 40%! Is it any wonder that we loose our strength and health as we age because of degeneration.

Here is the KEY to why Chiropractic works.

The magic of a chiropractic adjustment. By adjusting the spine we assist the nerve energy to flow freely around the body and keep us well. It is the power of a healthy nervous system.

Chiropractic care gives you great health.

(1)Reference: Sharpless SK: "Susceptibility of spinal roots to compression block." The Research Status of Spinal Manipulative Therapy. NINCDS monograph 15, DHEW publication (NIH) 76-998:155,1975

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