TBM Technique

Common conditions that respond to Total Body Modification Technique.

It is most effective for treating those winter, virus's, bacteria's and Influenza's that plague us each year. Also helful with many other problems including allergies, glandular fever, chronic fatigue, colds, sinus. These problems respond well with this technique: bronchitis, stomach ulcers, colitis, could be your health challengers, then TBM is a technique that you may find very helpful.

Testing for problems areas

TBM (Total Body Modification Technique) is a combination of testing systems to check the organs of the body. By using specific contact points -like acupuncture points- externally, we can then make corrections to the body using advanced Chiropractic methods that will improve many health conditions. These "dysfunctions" (health issues') appear as "short circuits"-or weakness- as we check, and test: Then we retest, checking for improvement and changes to the body with this technique.

The chiropractor uses a piece of equipment called an activator to do the manipulation to the points. It is a very gentle treatment and you will wonder why you have put off visiting a chiropractor. This technique is so gentle it can be used in new-borns, children, adults, and the seniors.

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