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This is one of the most gentle of all techniques, with this method new born infants can be treated within hours of birth with absolute safety. Children actually love these treatments. It is just as suitable for the elderly, even the very elderly 80-90 year age group. The treatment involves the use of a hand held tool called an activator. With this we can control movement to a minimum of 1millimeter if needed. Patients often have no sense of "manipulation" or vertebral adjustment at all. This is why it is popular with the young and the elderly.

Below is an activator - how it is used with patients.


One case history

I remember treating one infant in particular, a young mum came to the clinic in desperation her 4 months old infant had been projectile vomiting since birth - but still putting on weight. She was desperate, the baby was crying the whole night long with colic hour after hour. Was there ANY thing I could do. I gently felt the infants tiny spine and it winched in the dorsal region - between the shoulder blades - . With the Activator I treated the tender area with a millimeter adjustment, the baby stayed asleep. Again I palpated the spine, the tenderness had gone. That day baby slept the first time through a feed, it slept 10 hours straight !! Next visit we found that most of the vomiting had settled, a few more treatments and things were on track. Results like this really make our day!! It is so rewarding.

For more information here is an interesting web site

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